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There are many fitness events in Santa Monica that every health fanatics like me will love. If you are tired of the usual training routine, Keith from Right Path Fitness London says if you want to try something knew then why not join any of these events to get fit and at the same time, stay healthy.

1. Meditative Vibes Summer Fitness Festival

This event will allow you to enjoy a long day of fitness silent disco type with leading instructors. Every time slot has three exceptional as well as motivating lessons to select from all utilizing sound immersion wireless headsets to get the best fitness experience. This fitness event overlooking the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Ocean, the training will end with a soulful sunset meditation. Lessons will be lead using meditative wireless headsets pumping beats as well as the voice of the instructor straight to every student.


2. A Beach Yoga Flow

This is event will commemorate the end of lockdown and the start of the summer. The beach is the best place to transition between social isolation as well as social distancing. With the space at the beach, social or safe distancing will still be followed while we flow. What is more, you are able to enjoy the sun. All you need is to bring your yoga mat and a towel. It is advised to come early.

3. PCF Pushup Challenge

This event is timed to correspond with the celebration of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Participants perform ten push-ups for each $20 they get in sponsorship funds. Research shows that almost 14 million men all over the world have prostate cancer; 1 in 9 will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

Estate santa monica

4. Bhakti Fest

This will be helpful in September in Joshua Trees. In the tribute of the events tent anniversary, many new events are organized over the long weekend, which takes account of intensive two hours lessons on kirtan and cooking classes. There will be a children’s area providing yoga lessons and a room to practice their skills in making smoothies. So, this is not just about training and exercises, but also learns the techniques of preparing healthy meals and drinks.

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5. Spanish Language Yoga Life Training Weekend

This fitness event is ideal for students and teachers alike. So, those who have an inner itch for something more in life, or wanted to share the perks of yoga with the fellow Hispanic community, then this is the perfect fitness event to join.
Here, you will know how to teach as well as practice yoga in Spanglish in a free live training weekend, tutored by one of the best yoga teachers in the pl


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