Santa Monica, Spanish for Saint Monica, is a coastal city on the western side of California. This is known for its spectacular beaches, the Pacific Park and the Santa Monica Pier. So it seems like a quite beautiful place to live in and study. But there are a few things you need to know about Santa Monica and its colleges before moving to the place. Some of these are listed below.


●Santa Monica College is one of the most top-rated community colleges in the UnitedSanta Monica college has modern buildings that have won architectural awards.States, and it offers one of the best campuses for a world class education.
●Santa Monica College has the best transfer programs to colleges all the top rated colleges like UCLA, Loyola Marymount University, USC, the University of California among others.
●Santa Monica College has a reputation of being one of the most reputed community colleges in the entire nation.
●Santa Monica college has world class faculty that rolling stone magazine has acknowledged being hired based only on their proficiency and effectiveness in the classroom.

●Santa Monica college has modern buildings that have won architectural awards. They also provide smart classrooms and use the latest technology to teach the students.
●Santa Monica college assures that you can have an active student life that includes sports, activity clubs relating to your favourite talent, and much much more.
●Santa Monica college of online classes on hundreds of different subjects that students can refer to when in need.
●Santa Monica college offers professional training programs in nursing, media, computer technology, graphic design, early childhood education, and many more such high paying occupations.

●Santa Monica’s cultural hub, the beach side on the west side is just 2 miles away from the college. This ensures that the students do not miss out on the cultural activities taking place in Santa Monica during their stay there.
●Santa Monica college has one of the most esteemed alumni, in almost every profession. This list includes astronaut Walter Cunningham, NFL player Isaac Bruce, actor Dustin Hoffman, appellate judge Mariane Vogal among others.
●The fee structure at Santa Monica college is quite affordable for the average American and therefore is a good bargain for a community college.
●Santa Monica college has one of the largest support networks in the entire State of California and ensures that you get to your goal or transfer or career as soon as possible. They have counsellors and staff in 55 offices and programs at Santa Monica College and forms the largest student support network in California.


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