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If you’re looking for a getaway, staycation to vacation, then tick off Los Angeles from your list. The mix of nostalgia, Malibu, Santa Monica and exotic environment and beaches can be more than worth a visit. Since we’re capitalizing on the interest of Santa Monica, let’s discuss some of the exotic locations you can visit the next time when you get there:

Muscle beach

The beach gained its name in 1993 when gym freaks and acrobats used to train at the ocean-side. Soon the beach gained popularity and attracted a lot of visitors and spectators. They were adding to the fun js a set of rings, climbing apparatus and some ropes to try out whilst enjoying a smoothie at the Oceanside.

Santa Monica state beach

The beach is ever glowing with such shining at the horizon almost everyday single day of the year. Adding to the spectacular view and feel, it was also the backdrop for Baywatch, an iconic Tv series.

Bike path

A 26-mile long bike path is a must-visit if you’re into the fresh air, cool breeze and beautiful environment. The path was invented in 2006 and is name after the Los Angeles City Councilman – Marvin Braude.

Santa Monica Pier

It is considered the first pier built on the West Coast and dates back to centuries. You’re a little late, and boom its already filled with thousands of people, which even explains its popularity.

Santa Monica Bay

Monica Bay

I don’t think there’s any travel freak who hasn’t heard of the Santa Monica Bay. It is one of the longest by which covers kilometres of area. The destinations we discussed above is located on the coast side of the bay. Long walks by the coast, feels like a dreamy land. If you’re not a beach person, then this is not the place for you.

Palisades Park

If you’re a person of beautiful views a the top, then the place is crafted precisely for your interest. The park is located 150ft above the ground on a cliff. It faces west, to the Pacific ocean with a breathtaking view. People even visit the place to enjoy a beautiful sunset, or even early morning to witness the most spectacular sunrise.

Ocean View

Adjacent to the cliff edges, there lies the ocean view. It is a must-visit as the destination is beautifully crafted with trees along the Oceanside and light blue waters. This is both for you if you want to find some peace amidst your travel and all the chaos. Enjoy a cup of ice cream or a chilled beer while looking and feeling the ocean waves.


Third street promenade

Load your pockets while you’re on this street as is it richly equipped with shopping, cafes and many more shops. The shops pull and attract the customers to spend money on exotic items.


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