Santa Monica

Traveling is something that everybody can use to beat their stress. It not only exposes you to a different world but at the same time helps you to pull yourself together. Santa Monica is one such example that lives up to its reputation. Santa Monica has an appeal to a classic beach town.

Surfing lessons:

When you are on a beach, what good there can be than to learn surfing. The beaches in California are known for their waves and sandy shores that make up the perfect destination. You can take regular Surf lessons.



The best thing about Santa Monica is that you can do almost everything within its boundaries, or in general, California. On the front, you can find a 26-mile beach-bike-path to ride your bike. You can find various kinds of bikes on rent on the beach.


Sunset is something you can’t afford to miss. Santa Monica has the best view of the sunset and your travel agent can help you book the room that can secure this look. Sun setting beneath the Pacific is something you don’t see every day.


Santa Monica has a wide range of shopping options. From one-stop shops to shopping malls, there is a lot of shopping that you can do until you find you have done enough. You will find the market tempting to your requirements.


When it comes to food, everybody wants to try out new mouth-watering foods, but Santa Monica has something that no other place has. It offers you a wide choice of food trucks where you can find a lot of different varieties of delicious food. Try Food Truck Tuesdays.


If you are addicted to confectionary, head to Sweet Lady Jane on Montana Avenue. They have a unique reputation in pastries and cakes. In case you are in for a sugar fix, they are the people that will help you with it by delicacies.


End trip:

Route 66, is on Santa Monica Pier is the end of the western side of the U.S highway. It is known among tourists as one of the most iconic spots in the place and at the same time deserves a picture or two.

Muscle beach:

Muscle beach is somethi9ng you wouldn’t see every day. This beach was started in 1934 and has gymnastic activities and types of equipment. This place is definitely worth a stop for you.


Santa Monica is the best spot to enjoy and view Hollywood, Joshua Tree National Park, Yosemite, Disneyland, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, and the rest of California. That’s what makes it uniquely different.


Santa Monica is one such place that creates an experience that will stay with you forever. From delicious food to shopping, the place has it all.



Santa Monica is a place which offers you to have a view and enjoy all of California. It has everything that makes up an ideal location. From its waves to bike stretch, Santa Monica speaks for itself.


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